It is no surprise that the future of media will be Mobile, as it is predicted that the number of mobile web users will outstrip those using laptops or desktop computers by 2015.  In a world where being connected anywhere and at anytime is the norm, can your business afford not to be online? If you want to stay competitive in your business, going mobile is a must.  And another must, is making sure it is done properly.

Here are 7 mistakes to avoid when designing a mobile website:

  • Passing off your existing site. If your business is tempted to offer mobile users access to their current website and not create a custom one for the new environment, think again.    Your rich in content, photos and videos, will pose a real challenge to the mobile user.
  • Not understanding your users. Keep in mind that a user will either access your mobile site during idle periods of time or are in a crunch for time and are looking for specific information quickly.  Don’t bore them with irrelevant information and make navigation easy.
  • Assume all mobile devices are the same. Unfortunately, not all mobile devices are the same, so focus on the type you are designing for.  If you are designing for more than one type of device, be prepared to adjust your application.
  • Slow loading. Speed is the most important factor for a satisfying online mobile experience, so keep it simple and minimize “heavy” content which may take additional time to load.
  • Ignoring that “size matters”. The device may be small and you may be tempted to size everything for the citizens of Lilliput, but it’s important to remember that real, average sized hands will be using it.  So don’t go small, make it large, then make it larger.
  • Making it complicated. Just keep it simple. Don’t offer too much at once, edit your content with only what is necessary.  Remember to make links and navigation easy to use.  Also keep in mind that “perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there’s nothing to take away”.
  • Not testing. Creating a prototype and running tests is essential for a successful mobile website. Get feedback and make adjustments, don’t wait for the website to go live in order to identify and discover problems.

At CodeMyIMAGE we know that a mobile device  is not a mini computer and smartphone optimized websites require different design rules. Our professional designers will develop your mobile website keeping in mind your business needs and visitor expectations to deliver a most optimized application and experience.

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