Tips for Pushing Web Design Creativity Envelope

web design creativity

Don’t know where to start? It’s easy to get stuck when designing innovative websites. When working on a new web design, one can get into the habit of using the same solution to a design problem that you used in the past. Web designers who have implemented unique and creative design ideas are tempted to follow the same path over and over again. However, it will just be a matter of time before you will be forced to step out of your old habits, and force yourself to take a new approach to designing a website, pushing your creative “Mojo” to new limits.

To develop your creativity back into your web designs, here are some tips to consider:

  • Mind Maps. A pioneering approach for web design brainstorming sessions, mind maps are an effective and useful method for generating new ideas by associations. Because of the large amount of associations involved, mind maps are very creative and generate associations that have not been thought of before. You only need to start with the basic issue as the center, and generate associations from it in order to derive a large number of different possible design approaches.
  • Sketches. Make lots of rough pen and pencil sketches to explore layout options.  This way you can rule out many design ideas quickly, before wasting time in your web design programs.
  • Study current trends in web design. Constantly look for and read about the latest trends in web design. Analyze and evaluate what makes specific websites successful, and implement new techniques using your own style.
  • Get inspiration offline. Nature, clothes, interior design, buildings, printed publications, paintings….are all real sources of creativity that can be translated into effective web designs.  There’s a whole world of inspiration outside and you should not get stuck in the habit of being a modern web designer spending with 24 hours a day spent online.
  • Try different designing programs. Generally most of the designers use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to implement their designs but you may want to explore some other design programs. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Experiment with new features and try using new tools.
  • Get opinions from others. Talking and brainstorming with design experts, and even non-creative types are effective ways to exercise your creativity. Smart and creative people could draw the best ideas out of you.

We know how important is to create attractive websites and what challenge being a fulltime creative involves. CodeMyIMAGE web developers are always trying new solutions to improve design development and can assist you in creating a website that stands out from the crowd.

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Tips for Creating Attractive Email Marketing Templates


Email marketing is one of the most popular online marketing activities these days. By creating an attractive, reader-friendly email message, readers can become even more engaged and interested to discover new information or learn more about promotional campaigns, while increasing your website traffic, and ultimately your sales.

There are some key factors to keep in mind when you are challenged to deliver attractive designs for your email marketing templates:

  • Simplicity & cleanliness. As we discussed in Common Web Designs Mistakes to Avoid, simple and clean design is most effective for all web-related tools. Sophisticated email templates tend to distract readers from reading your message. Avoid overcrowding your email with complex design, big pictures and information overload.
  • Web browser compatibility. A little research on the latest web standards will serve you well and help enable you to create newsletter templates that will be properly displayed in most browsers.
  • Choose the Right Color. Colors affect a reader’s mood. As a basic rule, one should choose colors that are in line with its brand or, at a minimum, complementary colors.
  • Brief introductions. If your email contains a variety of information, try to be brief, and give your readers introductory phrases with links to the full content on your website.
  • Eliminate headers at the top of the email. Headers and big images take up too much time and space to load in a preview pane, and don’t give your readers enough reason to open your email. Focus on making sure you are placing the most important information at the top. Remember, many email clients choose to block images, so you don’t want your readers to be greeted with a big “X”.
  • Use small images. As large images serve to slow down email loading time, you readers will quickly move on.
  • Preview pane available calls-to-action. Email templates should be designed so that the most important information appears in the preview pane. We recommend placing the call to action at the top of the template, providing readers the option to visit your website without taking the time to open the email.
  • Adapt the template for mobile devices. Now that mobile devices are becoming increasingly more popular, designers are faced with new challenges. Design your email to scale down cleanly so that it is readable regardless of the platform your recipients are using.

At CodeMyIMAGE we know emails aren’t just advertising, they incorporate relevant information for your readers. Designing customized emails or newsletter templates requires not only creativity but technical knowledge. Our development team will assist you in creating effective email templates that maximize the delivery on any device or client email.

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More Reasons for Choosing HTML5 Instead of HTML

html vs html5_2

In our last article we provided some reasons you should choose HTML5 instead of  HTML for converting designs. Today we bring you the latest industry’s news on HTML5 features:

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Reasons for Choosing HTML5 Instead of HTML

html vs html5

For any website development project, converting the design to HTML is a necessity. HTML is considerably the most well known and most preferred markup language in use today. One of its greatest values is its ability to help describe and structure the content and appearance of website pages on the Internet. That is one of the key reasons it can be found in use by web developers worldwide. And with the introduction of HTML5, and its expanded capabilities, it’s no surprise to see web developers flocking to embrace the technology so they can experience its benefits.

HTML5 is an improved version of HTML with a number of new features that provide the ability to enhance the functionality of a website to an even greater extent. HTML5 answers some fundamental needs of the modern Internet and addresses some of the shortcomings inherent in the earlier versions of HTML. One of the most important enhancements of HTML5 is that it is easily accessible by the newer versions of web browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

Some of the basic differences between HTML and HTLM5 are:

  • Better usability. HTML5 focuses on improving the accessibility of the Internet to provide better usability to users and makes the Internet more understandable for search engine robots.
  • Easier to access by all the web browsers.
  • Search engine friendly. This feature helps any website gain better ranking in search engines and can provide a greater volume of traffic. The more accurate the code behind a website is, the higher that website is ranked by search engines, resulting in increased audience visibility.
  • Backwards compatibility. Websites written in previous versions of HTML don’t need to be updated to be correctly displayed by the most modern browsers.

In addition, HTML5 has some exciting features that are useful for the mobile web. Being supported by Apple and Google, it introduces several technology improvements like: adding off-line data storage, video and audio streaming and playback, geo-location, extended drag and support system, and user interface tools.

HTML5 is the best technology to implement into your website to proactively keep up with Internet dynamics. We also believe that mobile websites need to keep pace and be innovative and easy to use. We are experienced with coding PSD to HTML5 websites and we can help your business achieve an effective presence both in the traditional and mobile web zones.

At CodeMyIMAGE we are aware that HTML5 offers one of the best opportunities for creating more interactive and efficient websites, and we encourage the implementation of this newer technology.

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More Resources for Reducing Website Development Costs


In our last article we provided some ways for reducing costs and improving efficiency in web development. Today, we would like to bring you more resources from web developers industry specialists:

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