The Savvy Web Content Manager


Savvy is an easy-to-use, fully customizable content management system and an excellent solution to having a SEO optimized website. Developed by Savvy Software, it is a powerful tool if you are looking to create a new website or convert an existing one.

The CodeMyIMAGE team has been developing different projects from web design clients requiring Savvy CMS integration. Be assured that our experience with the Savvy CMS has been nothing less than positive due to its powerful capabilities and ease of implementation, some of which we are sharing here:

  1. Savvy is an easy-to-use CMS software that is suitable for almost anyone who is non-technical and who may have little or no experience with CMS solutions. Content can be easily added and modified by all contributors.
  2. Savvy’s editing tools allow non-technical users not only the ability to update their web pages, but also to make them search engine optimized. The Savvy CMS gives control over meta data which will make both your client and Google happy.
  3. Expansion is also a powerful Savvy capability that supports your client’s ability to gain an even higher return on investment. No web content manager will provide everything your client needs, so you need to choose a CMS tool that has the ability to be customized and expanded in order to add a host of functionalities to your client’s website.
  4. Savvy is about design flexibility. Content management software should be designer friendly and help you create a desired image on the web.

In other words, Savvy is an excellent solution to resolve the need for customizable, easy-to-use and SEO optimized content management software. Your client will be thrilled to hear of a software solution that requires little integration effort at a reasonable price!

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Choosing Expression Engine As Your CMS


If you are on the lookout for a highly flexible, secure, and functional web management platform, Expression Engine might be the right CMS choice for you or your client. Built around the concept of  “commercial product + open source = perfection”, Expression Engine continues to improve its functionality and capabilities.

While there are many features built in to Expression Engine, here are some that we found exceptional:

  1. Expression Engine is a powerful and flexible CMS that can be adapted to any changes according to your website’s requirements. It’s primarily a CMS, but it can easily be converted into a blogging tool.
  2. Security is excellent! Expression Engine has the most complete suite of security features of any CMS on the market such as: session management, secure form processing, IP banning, and email banning.
  3. Being an open source and a commercial product at the same time, Expression Engine is easily extensible by anyone who is knowledgeable in PHP and is looking to add something new to its functionality.
  4. Expression Engine is backed up by both solid quality documentation and an open source network of professionals, designers and developers which a user can look to for advice for just about anything.

At CodeMyIMAGE, we think Expression Engine is easy to implement and an excellent solution for our clients’ websites – it is flexible, secure and easy to manage.

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Web Content Management with Sitefinity


You will often hear your clients asking how they can monetize their website without having to use expensive resources or advanced technical knowledge. To start, you could recommend they take a look at Sitefinity as an integration platform. Customers will immediately notice how Sitefinity’s improved SEO drives traffic to their website that is quickly converted into sales.

Sitefinity is an ASP.NET-based platform for managing different types of websites like commercial platforms, community portals, and intranets. Sitefinity is a flexible CMS that delivers a rich user experience and provides developers the freedom to integrate many third party applications.

At CodeMyIMAGE, we have been asked by a number of web design agencies to build Sitefinity websites. And we would like to share with you some of our experience with Sitefinity and why you might consider it:

  1. Sitefinity makes it easy to manage content workflow! If your customer wants to engage more people in updating the company website, like designers or content contributors, Sitefinity is a great choice because it enables users to define the workflow as they envision it.
  2. It provides a user-friendly interface for your business clients, who can make any changes they want to their website without having to read technical documentation.
  3. Sitefinity will help your clients monetize their website by creating a community for their products and services, through blogs, threaded discussion groups, and polls.
  4. It is customizable – it’s very easy to create master pages and themes, or to integrate modules and applications into the Sitefinity CMS.
  5. Sitefinity is developed in .NET and works well within the Visual Studio development environment. Also, Sitefinity is a self contained and portable solution that relies on a back end database of the user’s choice, and the .NET framework.
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The MODx Content Management System


MODx is a robust, flexible content management system, sitting alongside other popular CMS platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.  If you are not so familiar with MODx, or not convinced, you’ve come to the right place! In today’s post, our goal is to assist you in your search for the best CMS solution with some compelling arguments that should make MODx a strong contender.

Our team at CodeMyIMAGE has been successfully using MODx for websites’ integration, and that’s because MODx is a highly flexible, open source content management framework, helping users to build the exact structure they want for their websites, and the ability to easily manage content.

What else differentiates MODx from other CMS platforms? Here are some of the features highly recognized by users:

  1. MODx websites are optimized for search engines, making it one of the most SEO friendly platforms.
  2. Using templates in MODx is very easy, as you can create the content parts with simple tags. Also, existing websites can be quickly converted due to rich template variables and free code snippets.
  3. Its flexibility is once again emphasized by unlimited custom content fields – or template variables – and widgets to help you easily create select boxes or pop-up lists.
  4. MODx enables users to edit content easily, without having to know HTML or other coding. With QuickEdit front end editing, you can log into the manager, surf your website, and click edit buttons when you want to make changes.
  5. MODx can be customized to show different views of the control panel in order for different users to see only what they need to.
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5 Features We Like About Joomla!


Competition between Content Management Systems is obviously growing stronger in the Internet world. This means that the options are richer and more qualitative, but it is also more difficult in selecting the best option to suit your needs. However, if you define and prioritize the features that interest you the most in a CMS platform, you should be able to zero in on the best solution for building your website.

At CodeMyIMAGE, we have been working with virtually all CMS platforms and we have found numerous innovative features we liked in all of them. Today we have picked 5 features which we discovered using Joomla and found very useful.

  1. Joomla is friendly, fast and easy to use, no matter if you are a designer, developer or administrator.  This reduces the learning curve and the costs involved in managing a website integrated into this CMS.
  2. It has great capacity for customization and development. Joomla provides fully customizable layouts, which can be used to change the look and feel of a website. This impressive feature actually influences more designers to choose Joomla to integrate their web design than almost any other.
  3. Joomla is extendable and it offers a wide range of third party extensions such as shopping carts, forums, business and people directories, newsletters, calendars and events, ad serving tools, and many more. Joomla’s application framework allows developers to create add-ons that extend and enhance its features with almost endless possibilities.
  4. Content sections within Joomla are fully editable and manageable. This means that anyone with basic computer skills can add unlimited content because Joomla’s hierarchal structure will keep it organized and easily searchable. Also, multiple users can manage different areas of the website.
  5. Behind Joomla there is a strong open-source community of developers and users who are actively engaged to promptly correct any problems or bugs.
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