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In our latest article, we discussed about SaaS opportunities when it comes to content management and we provided some short details about the most popular SaaS CMS solutions. Today, we would like to bring you more insights from CMS field specialists:

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Have You Considered SaaS Before Choosing Your CMS Tool?

Saas CMS

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the best options available for a business when it comes to CMS tools. The simplest definition of SaaS would describe it as software that is deployed over the internet. With SaaS, the user licenses its software application to another by subscription, in a pay-as-you-go model or for free.

One may find exciting benefits in using a SaaS CMS such as:

  1. Faster implementation time with no software to install.
  2. Access to software anytime and anywhere an internet connection is available.
  3. No recurring costs for software maintenance and upgrades since you only purchased the service and not the software.
  4. No customization issues since every SaaS provider continues to enhance and improve their products capabilities to meet user requirements.
  5. Increased security due to the fact that the code that runs on the server is tightly controlled.

Since we deal with various CMS’s daily, we have concluded that the following applications are the most popular SaaS content management solutions:

  • Clickability Platform, known also as cmPublish, is an integrated CMS that includes content management capabilities, analytics, email campaigns and advertising. It enables non-technical users to easily create, manage, publish and analyze all types of content and social media tools. Clickability Platform is based on open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and Java. It uses Apache as the web server and Velocity as the templating mechanism.
  • Drupal Gardens is a hosted setup of the Drupal 7 content management system. It is designed to allow non-technical users to quickly create Drupal sites using a point and click interface. The major benefit is that the basic Drupal Gardens option is completely free.
  • Squarespace is a CMS tool for web-savvy users who want to quickly and easily create content and manage social media accounts. It also provides a mobile application that enables site administrators to perform some actions from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Business Catalyst is a SaaS solution for building and managing business websites. The platform incorporates a wide range of features including content management, ecommerce, email marketing, integrated CRM database, and analytics.
  • Webvanta. This Saas CMS is dedicated to designers and design agencies that create and manage their client’s sites. It’s a powerfull tool to create business sites, blogs, forums, and membership based sites. It supports mailing lists, private content areas, photo and video galleries and even podcasts.
  • LightCMS is a simple and easy to use content management system but it doesn’t include many features. It is solid choice for those who are looking for clean and simple websites, which present their company in a very straightforward approach, with a limited number of pages and functionality.

When it comes to content management solutions, there are literally hundreds of choices. At CodeMyIMAGE we can help you choose the best CMS for yourself or your customer, be it SaaS or one of the classic CMS’s.

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More Resources on the Concrete5 CMS


In our latest article, we discussed Concrete5 CMS and its benefits. Now, we would like to bring you some more resources from industry specialists discussing the usability matter:

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Intuitive Content Management with Concrete5


Today’s web offers plenty of opportunities when it comes to choosing the perfect Content Management System, and we want you to be aware of many of the choices that are out there for one to consider. In some of our previous blog posts, we talked about WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ModX, Sitefinity, Expression Engine, Savvy, and Ektron. In today’s post we will explore Concrete5 and some of the features and the advantages of its implementation for your website.

Organizations nowadays need an easy to use tool that allows them to communicate and manage web content quickly, without engaging technical knowledge. If you are one of these companies, then you might consider choosing Concrete5 as your Content Management System.

Concrete5 is a free and open source CMS built on PHP/MySQL. It is best for beginners and technical experts alike because it is a simple, intuitive platform that is also extendable. Concrete5 can be used for a wide range of site applications including personal and business websites, forums, communities, magazines, e-commerce solutions, photography showcases, galleries and much more.

There are a couple of primary reasons why one would want to choose Concrete5 over other CMSs:

  • The initial setup and building of page themes is extremely easy. Moreover, you can use more than one theme in your site by simply changing the theme for a page; all new pages you make afterwards will use the new theme.
  • The administrative access to add and edit pages is made simple courtesy of a top navigation bar.
  • In-context editing – Concrete5’s main feature – allows you to edit website content directly on the page, rather than in an administrative interface.
  • A powerful permission system will allow you to control the content editing process. Site wide permissions can be used in one of two modes – Simple Permissions and Advanced Permissions – depending on your requirements.

Once in edit mode, you will also see that Concrete5 offers a complex system where you can improve content and the way it is displayed with features such as page types, advanced style sheets, and version control.

At CodeMyIMAGE, we consider Concrete5 a viable choice and worth investigating if you are in the market for a content management solution for many clients or your client’s websites – it is easy to manage, intuitive, secure and powerful.

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The Savvy Web Content Manager


Savvy is an easy-to-use, fully customizable content management system and an excellent solution to having a SEO optimized website. Developed by Savvy Software, it is a powerful tool if you are looking to create a new website or convert an existing one.

The CodeMyIMAGE team has been developing different projects from web design clients requiring Savvy CMS integration. Be assured that our experience with the Savvy CMS has been nothing less than positive due to its powerful capabilities and ease of implementation, some of which we are sharing here:

  1. Savvy is an easy-to-use CMS software that is suitable for almost anyone who is non-technical and who may have little or no experience with CMS solutions. Content can be easily added and modified by all contributors.
  2. Savvy’s editing tools allow non-technical users not only the ability to update their web pages, but also to make them search engine optimized. The Savvy CMS gives control over meta data which will make both your client and Google happy.
  3. Expansion is also a powerful Savvy capability that supports your client’s ability to gain an even higher return on investment. No web content manager will provide everything your client needs, so you need to choose a CMS tool that has the ability to be customized and expanded in order to add a host of functionalities to your client’s website.
  4. Savvy is about design flexibility. Content management software should be designer friendly and help you create a desired image on the web.

In other words, Savvy is an excellent solution to resolve the need for customizable, easy-to-use and SEO optimized content management software. Your client will be thrilled to hear of a software solution that requires little integration effort at a reasonable price!

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