Recent research shows users aged 3–12 are surfing the web with great proficiency. Designing for children requires a distinct approach, including targeted content, usability and design. It is truly a unique experience to design a kid friendly website in comparison to designing for the mature audience and market.

To design a top of the line website that appeals to kids, start by checking out and considering some of these best practices to get you started:

  • Appealing design. Now is the perfect opportunity to use large images, bright colors and animations. Kids like cartoon characters and seeing them moving around, talking to them, or doing something funny. Use attractive, easy to read fonts of 12 or even 14 points.
  • Minimal content. Kids are not interested in reading large amounts of text, so be sure to use as few words per page as possible. Moreover, avoid scrolling!
  • Easy navigation. Little kids are not so internet and technology – savvy and they do not tolerate navigating from one page to another numerous times. Reduce the number of clicks, include direct links to videos and music, and use images to channel them to different website categories. Multiple and in-depth are strategies to steer clear of for a website dedicated to kids.
  • Music and sounds. Music is magic for kids. Unlike adults, kids enjoy listening to a song while they are engaged in a website. Additionally, you could include songs they can replay as long as they wish, or make some characters sing, just remember to keep everything appropriate to the website’s overall theme.
  • Videos. Cartoons are perfect for a kids-dedicated website, and due to their seemingly short attention span, kids they may not have the patience to watch more than a few minutes of video, so keep it short and sweet.
  • Games. Kids like games, even ones that are educational. They learn through interaction or as a designer, you can use games for getting them to different website zones. Adapt games to appeal to different ages, which means you should conduct some research including a targeted survey before moving to design.
  • Parental information. This is the most important aspect when it comes to best practices. It should be an integral part of any kids website. Parents look for safe websites, where the content is actively moderated and where they can easily find a way to communicate with its administrators or owners. Parental support will do wonders to the attractiveness and popularity of your website.

At CodeMyIMAGE we know how important is to be aware of the differences between the way kids use websites and the way adults do. We know kids are looking for fun and entertainment and parents for safe content in any kid friendly site .

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